Invasion of Normandy
African-Americans of D-Day

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Veteran Edward Farley describes his experience as a member of the 463rd amphibious truck company and other African-American veterans recall their experience as they stormed the beach on D-Day. These interviews were conducted by makers of the 2008 Emmy-nominated documentary, “A Distant Shore: African Americans of D-Day,” produced by the … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
[Text] Minister With the Fighting First Division At Omaha


“As I lay there listening I thought of the awfulness of it all; the birds were singing and we Human Beings were trying to kill each other.” John G. Burkhalter was a former Miami minister before becoming part of the 1st Infantry Division with the U.S. Army during the Normandy … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
[Text] A Jewish German Fighting for the Americans on D-Day

LCVP landing craft put troops ashore on "Omaha" Beach on "D-Day." (6 June 1944). Source: National Archives, #26-G-2337.

“There were guys lying on deck, sailors, and I thought, ‘Why are they sleeping here?’ I hadn’t connected that these guys were dead.” Fritz Weinshank is a Jewish, native-born German who moved to America in 1935. Upon the start of World War II, Weinshank decided to enlist in the U.S. … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
[Text] ‘Some German Shells Started Whizzing By’

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“It was as though the curtain was about to go up on one of the biggest shows in history, and I was part of the cast! I knew it was going to be a small part, but the overriding sense of it all was that I was there!” Raymond L. … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
[Text] Setting Up Radio & Communication Centers on Utah Beach


Roger L. Chagnon, a Naval Officer in Charge (NOIC) during D-Day, gives his firsthand account of setting up radio and communication centers on the beaches of Normandy: It was D-Day, June 6, 1944 – at approximately 10:30 a.m., the Communications Group, comprising about 7 officers and 40 enlisted men (mainly … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
Setting Up Hospitals During the Normandy Campaign

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Veteran Travis Winfree, who served with the 29th Division during D-Day, gives a firsthand account of his landing on Omaha Beach and his role during the Normandy Campaign. Winfree was responsible for setting up hospitals around various places in Belgium during that time. He tells one story about being sent … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
[Text] Interview of Vet Who Arrived in Normandy on D+9

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Bernard Horowitz, a technician in the U.S. Army’s 553rd Military Police Escort Guard (MPEG) Company during World War II, is interviewed by Jonathan Salomone. In this interview, Horowitz talks about what jobs he was assigned to do when he first got to Normandy, nine days after D-Day. Horowitz explains the horrors … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
[Text] Arriving 9 Days After D-Day At Utah Beach

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“This is the first time there was racial discrimination. We had black troops in the area and we were separated from them.”   “One day, Hitler made an announcement that he would drive us back into the sea. We were told to sleep with our gas mask. They thought, the … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
Paratrooper’s Letter Details Play-by-Play of His D-Day

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  “I landed under heavy small arms fire in a dry field near a farmhouse. I cut my way out of my harness and dashed for the nearest hedgegrow…”   Frank E. McKee was a Sergeant in the 2nd Battalion, 508th Paratroop Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division during World War II. … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
Canadian Vets Tear-up While Recalling D-Day

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“There were five that didn’t make it and our tank did. One out of six tanks. There were five wiped out right there. 25 men. Five tanks.” Canadian veterans involved in the invasion of Juno Beach on D-Day discuss what they remember from the mission. The men tear-up as they … Continue reading