Theodore Roosevelt
Teddy Roosevelt Speech after Being Shot


On October 14, 1912, an unemployed saloonkeeper shot former president and Progressive Party candidate Theodore Roosevelt outside a Milwaukee hotel. Rather than being rushed to the hospital, Roosevelt insisted on delivering his scheduled 90-minute speech. By slowing the bullet, those lengthy prepared remarks may actually have saved his life. Theodore … Continue reading

Julius Caesar Crosses the Rubicon


Julius Caesar Crosses the Rubicon, 49 BC The crossing of a small stream in northern Italy became one of ancient history’s most pivotal events. From it sprang the Roman Empire and the genesis of modern European culture.Born with unbridled political ambition and unsurpassed oratory skills, Julius Caesar manipulated his way … Continue reading

Slavery in the United States
John Brown’s Last Speech

         On October, 16, 1859, John Brown and nearly two dozen comrades seized the armory at Harper’s Ferry in West Virginia, hoping to use its massive arsenal in the struggle to forcibly end slavery. Captured and brought to trial at nearby Charles Town, Brown was found guilty of treason. … Continue reading