Cambodian Civil War
The Uprising in Takeo

Wat Ansung. 2013. Source: ©Banyanblog.

Author: Mitty Steele As told by: Om (Aunt) Ear “After the coup many people from the village joined the Khmer Rouge to fight against the new government…While the government had squashed this uprising, it was only the beginning of the civil war.” The Lon Nol coup occurred on March 18, … Continue reading

El Mozote Massacre
Sole Survivor Recalls El Mozote Massacre

The El Mozote Massacre took place in El Mozote, El Salvador, on December 11, 1981. The Salvadorian Army killed more than 800 civilians. Only one person, Rufina Amaya, survived the massacre. In this video, she recalls the day the massacre took place, saying: “They took me at about five in … Continue reading

George H. W. Bush
George H. W. Bush’s Panama Invasion Address

George H. W. Bush’s Panama Invasion Address

On December 20, 1989, the United States Armed Forces invaded Panama in Operation Just Cause. As a result of the invasion, dictator Manuel Noriega was deposed, the Panamanian Defense Force dissolved, and president-elect Guillermo Endara was sworn into office. The U.S. relationship with Noriega had started out on a more … Continue reading

Vietnam War
James Fleming Recounts Heroic Patrol

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 12.29.15 PM

James Fleming was an Air Force pilot during the Vietnam War, and received the Medal of Honor for rescuing six of his fellow soldiers when they were stranded amongst enemy soldiers. In this video, Fleming recalls November 26, 1968, the day that earned him his Medal of Honor, saying: “These … Continue reading

Vietnam War
Hugh Thompson Jr. On Witnessing The My Lai Massacre


The My Lai Massacre took place on March 16, 1968, when members of the U.S. Army killed between 347 and 504 unarmed civilians in the South Vietnam hamlets of My Lai and My Khe. Hugh Thompson Jr. was a helicopter pilot for the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. On … Continue reading

World War II
Soldier Remembers the USS Mount Hood Explosion


Paul Hackett was a Storekeeper 2nd class on the USS Mindanao when the ammunition ship USS Mount Hood exploded on November 10, 1944. All crew members aboard the USS Mount Hood that day were killed in the explosion. The Mindanao was only 350 yards away from Mount Hood at the … Continue reading

Friends and Family Remember Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman, born November 6, 1976, was a professional American football player and soldier in the United States Army. Tillman gave up a lucrative NFL career in order to enlist in the United States Army in June, 2002, following the September 11 attacks. Tillman was killed while serving in Afghanistan … Continue reading

David Letterman
Admiral Grace Hopper Explains Nanoseconds


Admiral Grace Hopper joined the U.S. Navy in 1944 at the age of 37. She was one of the first programmers of the Harvard Mark I computer and wrote the first compiler for a computer programming language. When asked by Letterman how she knew so much about computers then, Hopper … Continue reading