SS Normandie
The SS Normandie Burning in NY Harbor

See this never before shown footage of the SS Normandie (aka The Lafayette) as she burns in New York Harbor.  The SS Normandie, a French-built ocean liner, began service in 1935 as the largest and fastest passenger ship in operation.  The Normandie is still considered to be the most powerful steam turbo-electric-propelled passenger ship ever built. Shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor, US authorities seized the Normandie while it was at port in New York, renaming it the USS Lafayette. The plan was to convert the Normandie to a troopship, however it caught fire in 1942 and capsized. Restoration of the Normandie was considered to be too costly. This video tells the story of the Normandie, including pictures of both its exterior and interior during the time that it was a passengers ship, as well as video of the fire.  The original footage was shot by Frank Hardart, an executive at the Horn and Hardart company, from a nearby rooftop.

Video Produced and Edited by: Alex Schein.

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Submitted by: Paul Hardart
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