What is Witnify

Witnify is the definitive home for first-person accounts. We aggregate, curate, and produce stories told by people who have witnessed big news events in history.

Exploring Witnify

  • DISCOVER interviews, videos, texts, and photos of world events from the people who were there. We aggregate content from around the web and curate our own videos with partners like the Washington Post and SB Nation.
  • CONTRIBUTE your personal experiences via video, audio, and text. We also take photo submissions. You can do all of this on our Share Page.
  • DOCUMENT stories of family members, friends, acquaintances, etc., who have an interesting memory of a historical event that the world should know about. Submissions come in the form of interview footage, voice recordings, written accounts, and photos on our Share Page.
  • COMPETE with other Witnify users. In order to encourage more people to uncover and document fascinating stories from the people in their lives, Witnify holds regular short documentary competitions. Please check back in September for information on our 2014 competitions.

Share Your Experience

Submit a video of your first-person account or share your written experience here! You can also share a photo of yourself and pictures from the Event you witnessed. We encourage you to also use the Share Page to share interesting stories from your friends or family members.

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