Adolf Hitler
Colleagues of Hitler Call Him ‘A Genius of Evil’

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A few Germans who knew Adolf Hitler discuss his methods, affects on humanity and his personality. One describes Hitler as a meteor because he suddenly struck, and then was suddenly gone, taking with him the entire German nation in his doom. A different German involved in Hitler’s army talks about … Continue reading

Adolf Hitler
A German Veteran’s View of Hitler

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Manfred Gelersen, a German soldier who fought during World War II for the Germans on Hitler: “Hitler was from the devil!” Gelersen comments on Hitler’s political agenda and the series of events that unfolded within the country that allowed Hitler to rise to power so quickly. He talks about the … Continue reading

Adolf Hitler
[Text] Gandhi to Adolf Hitler: His Appeal for Peace

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“It is quite clear that you are today the one person in the world who can prevent a war…” The following is a letter from Gandhi to Adolf Hitler written on July 23, 1939 before the official beginning of World War II. It is transcribed below: Dear friend,     … Continue reading

Adolf Hitler
Testimonies from Hitler’s Army

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German veterans in Adolf Hitler’s army explain how they understood the events that led to World War II: “We wanted to defend our empire, which we had been wonderfully but purposefully misled about.” One former supporter of Hitler, Herr Joe Hermann, goes into why many Germans–including himself–believed Hitler’s invasion of … Continue reading

Adolf Hitler
[Text] Eduard Bloch on Being Hitler’s Jewish Physician

German Federal Archive

In 1907 Hitler’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, but due to poor economic conditions Dr. Eduard Bloch treated her at a reduced rate. After Klara died, Hitler gave the Jewish doctor his “everlasting gratitude” for his kindness. The Hero Returns Soon the procession arrived — the great, black Mercedes … Continue reading