Invasion of Normandy
[Text] Interview of Vet Who Arrived in Normandy on D+9

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Bernard Horowitz, a technician in the U.S. Army’s 553rd Military Police Escort Guard (MPEG) Company during World War II, is interviewed by Jonathan Salomone. In this interview, Horowitz talks about what jobs he was assigned to do when he first got to Normandy, nine days after D-Day. Horowitz explains the horrors … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
[Text] Arriving 9 Days After D-Day At Utah Beach

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“This is the first time there was racial discrimination. We had black troops in the area and we were separated from them.”   “One day, Hitler made an announcement that he would drive us back into the sea. We were told to sleep with our gas mask. They thought, the … Continue reading