John Derschug
[Blog] Family History Lost & Never Found: John Derschug’s Easy Washing Machine


Author: Phoebe Goldenberg Years ago there lived an inventor named John Derschug. His imagination filled every crevice of the tiny apartment that he shared with his wife. The floor of the home was littered with so many gears and wires and scraps that you had to hop from one foot … Continue reading

Lou Gehrig
Childhood Friend Remembers Gehrig’s Farewell


In an ESPN SportsCentury documentary on Lou Gehrig’s life, David Blumenthal, one of Gehrig’s longtime friends, recounts the day Gehrig gave his famous farewell speech and–even if more than 60 years has passed since the speech–is moved to tears. Although Gehrig went on to live another two years after his … Continue reading

Lou Gehrig
[TEXT] Reporter Recalls Interview With Dying Sports Hero

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“Gehrig looked every bit the hero, big shoulders, big biceps, a smile that went with his twinkling eyes, and dimples and curly hair that would inspire oohs and aahs that were to come a few years later when Frankie Sinatra’s bobby soxers invented the swoon.” Reporter Glen Bayless remembers his … Continue reading

Lou Gehrig
‘The Iron Horse’ at His Best


Lou Gehrig, baseball legend and former New York Yankee, is remembered for his record-setting consecutive game streak, his skills as a first baseman and his powerful swing at the plate. Gehrig–once diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s Disease today–announced his retirement from the game … Continue reading

Lou Gehrig
Babe Dahlgren Talks About Replacing Lou Gehrig


Keith Olbermann interviews Babe Dahlgren about the day he replaced Lou Gehrig–ending Gehrig’s streak of 2,130 consecutive games played, the record for most consecutive games played at the time. Dahlgren describes the feeling of the dugout on the day he replaced Gehrig and talks about how he failed to convince … Continue reading

Adolf Hitler
Testimonies from Hitler’s Army

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German veterans in Adolf Hitler’s army explain how they understood the events that led to World War II: “We wanted to defend our empire, which we had been wonderfully but purposefully misled about.” One former supporter of Hitler, Herr Joe Hermann, goes into why many Germans–including himself–believed Hitler’s invasion of … Continue reading

Alcoholics Anonymous
Children of AA Co-Founder on its Creation

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The children of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Co-Founder Bob Smith, Smitty and Sue, talk about the day their father met Dr. Bill Wilson for the purpose of creating a group that could help alcoholics like themselves achieve sobriety. John Cyberling, who was present at the meeting, recounts how Smith and Wilson … Continue reading

Dust Bowl
‘He’s a Farmer, He Isn’t Gonna Quit’

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In this in-depth interview, Dust Bowl survivor Lowell Kastner talks about the adverse impact that the severe dust storms that plagued the prairie lands in the U.S. and Canada during the 1930s had on his father’s cattle business. Kastner imparts how his memories of the Dust Bowl, also known as … Continue reading