Michael Jackson
The Inspiration For Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

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Michael Jackson’s thirteen minute video for his song Thriller was released in 1982, and is still widely considered to be the most influential music video of all time. In this clip, Rick Baker, makeup artist for the music video, discusses the inspiration behind it. Of Jackson, he says: “Michael Jackson … Continue reading

Janis Joplin
Janis Joplin & Tina Turner’s Admiration for Each Other

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Singer-songwriter Janis Jopin is asked in an interview who her favorite musician is and she answers, Tina Turner, explaining, “She’s the best chick ever. Fantastic singer, great dancer, fantastic show…” Tina Turner also shares her admiration for Janis Joplin’s music, saying, “She had a black soul. She felt. Her singing … Continue reading

Michael Jackson
Katherine Jackson: ‘He’s the Only One That Can’t Come Back’

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Katherine Jackson, mother of Michael Jackson, reminisces about her famous son’s younger years. Here, she revisits the old Jackson family house in Indiana and remembers Michael as a child. Jackson recalls how her son used to run around the living room in his older siblings shoes that were too big … Continue reading

Berlin Wall
[Blog] David Hasselhoff & the Berlin Wall


Author: Ben Nussbaum The Berlin Wall is remembered as one of the 20th century’s great monstrosities: A literal wall that cut a city in half–separating families and friends, cutting off West Berlin from Communist East Berlin. It was the site of about 100 deaths (some estimates are much higher) as … Continue reading