Richard Burton
The Only Leading Lady Burton Never Slept With

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Actress and singer Julie Andrews describes her professional relationship and friendship with Richard Burton–a notorious lady’s man. Andrews comments on how “unbelievably attractive” Burton was and claims that it was a good thing he never made a pass at her while she was married because she didn’t know what she … Continue reading

Woodstock Festival of 1969
Woodstock Revisited Ten Years Later

Author: Howard Smead “It had become so suddenly dark that I worried as we bobbed and weaved along the black, tree shrouded road that perhaps the Pied Piper was alive and well and piping in New York, a real animal picnic…”  There were three of us: Walt and myself, and … Continue reading

John F. Kennedy
JFK’s Speechwriter Ted Sorensen on Crafting Political Rhetoric

In an interview from 2008, well-known American speechwriter, Ted Sorensen, discusses what has changed in the craft of speechwriting since he worked for John F. Kennedy. Sorensen says his access to President Kennedy and ability to even influence policy-making allowed him to pen good speeches for the president–such as the “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You” speech. He believes speechwriting is a “noble profession” and describes what makes a speech a great speech: “Short sentences.”

Andy Warhol
Interview with Andy Warhol and Candy Darling


In an interview with Andy Warhol and transgender actress, Candy Darling, the duo talk about how they met and their upcoming movie, “Blonde on a Bum Trip,” which would later be renamed “Women in Revolt.” Although Warhol is known more for being a leading figure in the pop art movement, … Continue reading

Marilyn Monroe
Susan Strasberg on Marilyn Monroe’s Character

Marilyn Monroe

In this MSNBC News interview from 1992, Susan Strasberg fondly describes her friendship with actress Marilyn Monroe. Strasberg describes how Monroe was nearly her adoptive sister when she was growing up due to Monroe’s many visits to her home–her father, Lee Strasberg, was Monroe’s acting coach–and how she was often … Continue reading

Princess Diana
Princess Diana’s Marriage & Friendship to Royal Butler

Royal Butler on Princess Diana's Marriage

Former royal butler Paul Burrell speaks on Princess Diana’s marriage and discusses his own “unique” friendship with her: “Towards the end of the princess’s life, I became…everything. I became her policeman, her dresser, her valet, her butler, her driver, her confidante, her friend and the list goes on. And there … Continue reading

1995 Rugby World Cup
‘One Team, One Country’

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South African rugby captain Francois Pienaar during the 1995 Rugby World Cup describes Nelson Mandela’s aura and many virtues: “He’s such a humble person.” Pienaar says Mandela, also known as “Madiba,” would often phone him during the ’95 Rugby World Cup game in order to check-in with the team and … Continue reading