Charles Prince of Wales
‘A Royal Duty’

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Paul Burrell, former butler to Diana, Princess of Wales, talks about his relationship with the royal family and the book he authored known as “A Royal Duty.” Burrell explains how Princess Diana was as a person, claiming that she stood for both motherhood and state. He then goes on to … Continue reading

Charles Prince of Wales
The Prince of Wales Talks Children, Tabloids & Divorce

The Prince of Wales Talks Children, Tabloids and Divorce

Charles, Prince of Wales, discusses his children, the tabloids and his collapsed marriage with Princess Diana. Prince Charles first talks about how he wants his children to learn the important lesson of sensitivity to others and treating others the way that they would like to be treated. He then goes … Continue reading

Princess Diana
Princess Diana’s Marriage & Friendship to Royal Butler

Royal Butler on Princess Diana's Marriage

Former royal butler Paul Burrell speaks on Princess Diana’s marriage and discusses his own “unique” friendship with her: “Towards the end of the princess’s life, I became…everything. I became her policeman, her dresser, her valet, her butler, her driver, her confidante, her friend and the list goes on. And there … Continue reading