Ed Catmull on Disagreeing with Steve Jobs


Ed Catmull, author of “Creativity, Inc.” and president of Disney Animation Studios and Pixar, discusses the process of disagreeing with Steve Jobs.  It could sometimes take Catmull a week to rebut the quick thinking of Jobs.  Then another week to rebut his follow-up comments. Eventually, he says, there were three … Continue reading

[Blog] 5 Original Reviews of ‘Toy Story’


Author: Morgan Birck According to the-numbers.com, in 2013, computer-animated movies earned over $1.6 billion at the box office. Ten digitally animated films topped the $50 million mark. Traditional animation, meanwhile, is floundering. In 2012, Disney announced that it had no hand-drawn animated movies under production, and in 2013 Disney laid-off … Continue reading