John Steinbeck
Steinbeck’s Son on Why His Dad Was Criticized


Thom Steinbeck, son of beloved American author John Steinbeck, discusses his father’s decreasing ability to endure all the criticism, his basic love for writing, as well as why his Nobel Peace Prize win contributed to his retirement: “He thought basically that the Nobel Prize technically ended his career ’cause he … Continue reading

Elia Kazan
[Text] Director Elia Kazan on Casting an Unknown James Dean in ‘East of Eden’


March 1954 To John Steinbeck I looked thru a lot of kids before settling on this Jimmy Dean. He hasn’t Brando’s stature, but he’s a good deal younger and is very interesting, has balls and eccentricity and a “real problem” somewhere in his guts, I don’t know what or where. He’s … Continue reading

Great Depression
Steinbeck on Life During and After the Great Depression


Author John Steinbeck discusses the differences he recently saw in the people of the Dust Bowl compared to his first visit during the Great Depression and explains how his book, “The Grapes of Wrath” represents real life. He also comments on how people reacted to the terrible situation and describes … Continue reading