Army-McCarthy Hearings
Edward R. Murrow on McCarthy: We Must Not Confuse Dissent With Disloyalty


Edward R. Murrow defends our nation, claiming that McCarthy has “confused the public mind” and stepped over the line with his accusations. During the Cold War Senator Joesph McCarthy made many claims against people within the government, fearing disloyalty from communists. The televised Army-McCarthy Hearings began on April 22, 1954.

Army-McCarthy Hearings
Joseph McCarthy’s Telegram to President Truman


Senator Joseph McCarthy sent a telegram to President Harry S. Truman on February 11, 1950, two days after giving a speech in Wheeling, West Virginia that claimed more than 200 members of the State Department were card-carrying members of the Communist party. In his telegram, McCarthy reiterates that he has … Continue reading

Apollo 11
[Blog] The Apollo 11 Moon Landing: A Cold War Win


Author: Ben Nussbaum The Apollo 11 moon landing was truly a global event. An estimated 500 million people watched it live, or roughly 15 percent of the entire population of the planet. In fact, as much as it stirred American pride, the moon landing was always meant for the rest of … Continue reading