Boston Marathon
[Text] Photojournalist on Capturing Mass Tragedy in a Moment’s Notice

Woman crying after the Boston bombing (2013). Source: Winslow Townson.

Author: Winslow Townson “If I had run aimlessly around the perimeter of the blast sites, I would have wasted my time and a chance to really contribute to the story…” Patriots Day. This Massachusetts holiday celebrates the battles of Lexington and Concord, which were the first battles of the American … Continue reading

Boston Marathon
2013 Marathon Winner on Fighting for First Place


Lelisa Debisa, the winner of the 2013 Boston Marathon, describes what was going through his mind during the final stretch of the marathon and shares his thoughts on his successful race performance. Debisa’s interview on April 15th happened more than two hours before the first cooker pressure bomb went off … Continue reading