Boston Marathon
[Text] Photojournalist on Capturing Mass Tragedy in a Moment’s Notice

Woman crying after the Boston bombing (2013). Source: Winslow Townson.

Author: Winslow Townson “If I had run aimlessly around the perimeter of the blast sites, I would have wasted my time and a chance to really contribute to the story…” Patriots Day. This Massachusetts holiday celebrates the battles of Lexington and Concord, which were the first battles of the American … Continue reading

Boston Marathon Bombings
[Text] As Though Running 25 Miles Was Not Hard Enough


Author: Jennifer Dranoff Marathon Monday: The energy that comes from the starting Village at Hopkinton is infectious and indescribable. Excitement. Anxiety. Every runner doing their pre-race rituals, whether that is carefully preparing an unusual breakfast that is certain to keep them going, taking a nap, saying a prayer, or going to … Continue reading

Boston Marathon Bombings
[Text] A Day in the Life – April 15

This is a picture of me relaxing in Boston Commons following the 2012 Boston Marathon, run under extremely hot conditions compared to nearly perfect weather of the 2013 race.

It was an otherwise perfect day for running the Boston Marathon–my eighth, a race I first ran in 1987. I ran the first 13 miles with two friends from my home town–Holly and Mike. Both of them were running their first Boston. Despite likely running in scores of the same … Continue reading

Boston Marathon Bombings
[Image] Before It All Happened, It Was a Beautiful Day

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 3.42.24 PM

I took this image at 2:19pm April 15th 2013, 30 minutes before the 1st bomb exploded just behind me at the Marathon Sports store. I was standing much closer to the explosion’s site earlier, but a craving for some ice cream on that beautiful day (that’s how it started out) … Continue reading

Boston Marathon Bombings
[Text] A Family Memoir

"Father and Daughter"

Author: Gracey Watson With the Boston Marathon approaching in a couple of weeks, I thought I’d share my own little story about how last year’s tragic events affected our family. The marathon bombings came close to home for us in that my husband was running in it as a representative … Continue reading