American Revolutionary War
The Paris Treaty 1783


The Peace of Paris of 1783 was the set of treaties which ended the American Revolutionary War. On Septmber 3,  1783, representatives of King George III of Great Britain signed a treaty in Paris with representatives of the new United States of America, including Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and John … Continue reading

American Revolutionary War
[Text] Participant Account Of The Boston Tea Party

“Before nine o’clock in the evening every chest on board the three vessels was knocked to pieces and flung over the sides. They say the actors were Indians from Narragansett. Whether they were or not, to a transient observer they appeared such…” The Boston Tea Party took place on December … Continue reading

American Revolutionary War
[Text] Paul Revere’s Account of His Historic Ride

Image from the collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society.

Dear Sir, Having a little leisure, I wish to fullfill my promise, of giving you some facts, and Anecdotes, prior to the Battle of Lexington, which I do not remember to have seen in any history of the American Revolution. In the year 1773 I was imployed by the Select men … Continue reading