Gerald Ford
Gerald Ford: On “National Nightmare”


When Gerald Ford took over the Presidency following President Nixon’s resignation, he famously said: “My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over. Here Ford describes the thought and debate that went into this description. After much reflection and discussion with his wife, Betty, he kept it in and was, … Continue reading

Berlin Wall
Moving Story about Life After the Berlin Wall

Moving Story about Life After the Berlin Wall

Thank You, Mr. Gorbachev! Watch this inspiring story from Christine and what her life was before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall.  She expresses heartfelt gratitude to Mikhail Gorbachev for affecting change and enabling her to live a free life.  Perhaps the best thing about freedom for Christine, … Continue reading

Martin Luther King Jr.
Izola Curry: Ron Naclerio on How His Dad Saved MLK’s Life


Hear Cardozo high school basketball coach Ron Naclerio recall how his dad, thoracic surgeon Dr. Emil Naclerio saved Martin Luther King Jr.’s life in 1958. In September of 1958, Ms. Izola Ware Curry tried to kill Dr. King at a book signing with a letter opener. Read below from the … Continue reading

Cambodian Civil War
The Uprising in Takeo

Wat Ansung. 2013. Source: ©Banyanblog.

Author: Mitty Steele As told by: Om (Aunt) Ear “After the coup many people from the village joined the Khmer Rouge to fight against the new government…While the government had squashed this uprising, it was only the beginning of the civil war.” The Lon Nol coup occurred on March 18, … Continue reading