Raymond Aubrac
Leader of the French Resistance on Solidarity

In this Legacy Project interview from 2006 with Raymond Aubrac, a leader of the French Resistance, he describes his efforts to oppose Nazi Germany’s occupation of France during World War II. He says of his brave peers in the Resistance: “That’s very amazing to consider–all these people were volunteers. Nobody had been forced into that kind of action. Even when it became dangerous…they stayed.” Aubrac discusses that he was stationed in Straberg near the Rhine River as a soldier in the French army. In June of 1940, Aubrac reveals how he was nearly handed over to the German army as a prisoner of war, yet he was thankfully able to return to France with the help of his friends. Aubrac mentions that he then joined a movement against the German influence in France and he was able to produce and distribute underground newspapers. Aubrac says he had wished to move to the United States during the 1940s yet abandoning the resistance efforts would have betrayed his belief in solidarity.

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Submitted by: Megan O'Toole
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