Eva Perón
Biographer Describes Eva Perón’s Legacy in Argentinian Politics

In this news broadcast from 1996, Professor Marysa Navarro of Dartmouth College discusses the influence that the First Lady of Argentina, Eva Perón, had on her people. Navarro describes how the 1996 movie “Evita,” starring Madonna as Perón, paints the former First Lady in a negative light–a simple “caricature”–who began as a manipulative “country bumpkin” and tricked many people in order to attain power. Navarro argues that Perón was a pivotal icon for women in politics and she was a voice to the working class of Argentina. Eva Perón became a beloved political figure in Argentina’s history yet there is still a debate as to whether she was a “saint or a sinner.”

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Submitted by: Megan O'Toole
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