Terry A. Anderson
Terry Anderson On His Time In Captivity

In 1985, Terry Anderson, a journalist with the Associated Press, was taken hostage by Hezbollah militants in Lebanon. Anderson was held for six years and nine months, before finally being released on December 4, 1991. In this video, Anderson and his wife discuss his time in captivity. When asked if his years in captivity could be divided up by phases, Anderson says: “I guess you could say that. You could look at it that way. I mean, the first few months of shock and frustration and anger and bitterness and just trying to grapple with what had happened, and trying to devise ways to handle it. To get your mind around it. To deal with it. And then there was a long period of being with other hostages in which we used each other. We leaned on each other and used each other’s minds and began to… learn the techniques and the attitudes that were necessary to survive.”

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Submitted by: Ilana Faber
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