Espionage Act
[Text] Telegram on Espionage Precautions During WWI

Transcribed below is a telegram on espionage precautions sent to Portsmouth Navy Yard during World War I:
tumblr_mkdo0qE7Dt1qhk04bo1_1280Recent events have accentuated the possibility of an intensive campaign directed by the Germans comma and carried on through their paid agents comma directed particularly against United States shipping of any description period Such a campaign would be supplementary to the submarine campaign and directed at the delay and destruction of American ships comma particularly those engaged in furthering the military and naval operations of the United states period To safeguard against such enemy measures the closest scrutiny and inspection should be carried out at all times on all ships comma of the personnel comma supplies comma and cargoes carried in order to guard against any dastardly attempt to incendiariem or destruction period Wherever practicable trusted agents of our own should be employed for counter-espionage period Too much care cannot be exerised to safeguard our ships be every means possible 23029

Secnav 154 am

Source: General Correspondence File of the Department of the Navy. First Naval District. Portsmouth Navy Yard. Industrial Department.  

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Submitted by: Sarah Dejak
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