Eritrean War of Independence
Facing Guerillas, Soldiers & Death During the Eritrean War

Author: Victor Englebert “‘Say your payers for you’re going to die,’ and with that he dropped the stick, pulled a revolver from his belt, and came around the jeep to put it to my head…” In 1967, Ras (Prince) Mengesha, son-in-law of Ethiopia’s emperor Haile Selassie, wrote to National Geographic that … Continue reading

Woodstock Festival of 1969
Photojournalist Among a Hippie Tribe at Woodstock

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Author: Victor Englebert “I had not been a fan of hippies. I had seen them living sloppily on one or two dollars a day in places like Marrakesh. But they understood the futility, injustice, and cruelty of war. They knew that you could not buy happiness with money. They lived … Continue reading

Woodstock Festival of 1969
[Text] Being There But Not There: A Journalist’s Story on Woodstock

Author: Fred LeBrun “One smiling, bearded long-hair was working a big bulldozer at the site, which was all hills and angles, just off a deserted and narrow two-lane country road. The same country road that in a few days, cluttered with humanity, would make the front page of every newspaper … Continue reading

Cecil Beaton
‘She Was Just Beautiful, All the Time’

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Distinguished British photographer Cecil Beaton and his New York-based assistant Ed Pfizenmaier share memories on their famous 1956 shoot with Marilyn Monroe. Both men were impressed by how beautiful she was in-person and her “variety of moves” in front of the camera. Pfizenmaier explains how both he and Beaton knew … Continue reading

Nick Ut
The Controversial Vietnam War Photo

Nick Ut

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Nick Ut describes how he captured the famous picture, “Napalm Girl,” which he took on June 8, 1972 of the naked 9-year-old Vietnamese girl running down the road–burned by napalm during the Vietnam War. Ut, and another British journalists who got the horrific scene on film, traveled … Continue reading

Marilyn Monroe
Poignant Account of Marilyn’s Final Photo Shoot

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Renowned fashion photographer, Bert Stern, reminisces about his intimate 1962 Vogue photo shoot with Marilyn Monroe, which took place just six weeks before her death. During the three-day session, Stern took over 2,500 shots of Monroe, capturing both her Hollywood glamour and human vulnerability.