Iraq War
U.S. Soldier on Operation Iraqi Freedom & 9/11


In this interview, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, John Teetz, discusses the impact that his military service had on his relationships and his personality. Teetz describes that the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks occurred while he was still in training yet this event made him more driven in his … Continue reading

Iraq War
Veteran on Assisting the Wounded During Operation Iraqi Freedom

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Captain Ed “RIV” Hrivnak of the U.S. Air Force Reserve describes his experience of Operation Iraqi Freedom: “What my crew saw was a very up-close, personal human experience.” Hrivnak and his team took care of wounded soldiers on their plane–culminating in his unit evacuating 7,000 people within five months. U.S. … Continue reading

Iraq War
The Truth Behind ‘Plamegate’


Scott Mcclellan, a former White House press secretary, is interviewed about his decision to testify before Congress on what has been known as “Plamegate” and the Scooter Libby Trial. Mcclellan discusses why he decided to voluntarily testify, his opinion on going to war with Iraq over the alleged weapons of … Continue reading