Dr. Strangelove
Why Stanley Kubrick Was ‘in Awe’ of Peter Sellers


Film critic Alexander Walker discusses why American director Stanley Kubrick was “in awe” of actor and comedian Peter Sellers. Walker says of Kubrick: “Stanley couldn’t write and he couldn’t act”–therefore, Kubrick admired actors who could bring more zest and creative flourishes into their scripted roles, which Sellers could do very … Continue reading

Peter Sellers
Clouseau’s Clumsiness Was Not Due to Peter Sellers

Chief Inspector Clouseau Was Not Clumsy Due to Peter Sellers

Film director Blake Edwards talks about the acting of Peter Sellers, who starred in his hugely popular “Pink Panther” film series as the main role of Chief Inspector Clouseau: “Sellers couldn’t do the physical things at all. He was not a good physical comedian. I had to set him up … Continue reading