Kent State Shootings
Kent State University Added to The National Register of Historic Places

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Kent State University professor Mark Seeman discusses why it is important for the historic landmark of KSU to be added to the National Register of Historic Places. Seeman explains that adding it to the list will not change what happened that day in 1970, but it will help us learn … Continue reading

Kent State Shootings
Kent State Shootings: ‘How Could Our Government Do This to Our People?’

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Congressman Dennis Eckart reflects on where he was when the Kent State University Shootings occurred in 1970 and remembers asking himself how the government could do this and get away with it. Eckart discusses how close to home the shootings hit for him and his peers around him.

Kent State Shootings
KSU Professor: ‘The Right of Assembly is Guaranteed by The Constitution’

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A Kent State University professor explains what happened during the shootings in 1970 as he tried to clear the protesting students for their own safety. The professor discusses not understanding why they fired the bullets as well as not expecting the protest to ever come to such a tragic end.