Children's Crusade
Janice Kelsey: ‘We Were Going to Go and Get Our Freedom’

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A foot soldier in the Children’s Crusade movement for African American Civil Rights explains how she first got interested in becoming part of the movement as well as how she learned about the importance of keeping the demonstrations nonviolent with singing and prayer.

Children's Crusade
‘God Don’t Even Want Us’

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People who participated in the Children’s Crusade of 1963 give their firsthand accounts of what it was like on that day when they tried to lead a nonviolent march for the American civil rights movement’s Birmingham Campaign. They discuss their instructions to keep the demonstration nonviolent despite the police dogs, … Continue reading

Children's Crusade
Freeman Hrabowski Remembers Being Spit on as a Child

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Freeman Hrabowski recounts his participation in the Children’s March in Birmingham, Alabama that happened from May 2nd until May 5, 1963. Protesters and their children attempted to meet with the Mayor about changing segregation, but were turned away by Sheriff Eugene “Bull” Connor with fire hoses and police dogs.