Armenian Genocide
Survivor on Losing Her Father


Rahan Kachian, an Armenian immigrant that came to the United States during the Armenian Genocide that began in 1915 and occurred in present-day Turkey, remembers the events of that time in her life. She recalls rebuilding her family and community in America and the terrifying events of what happened to … Continue reading

Armenian Genocide
The ‘Death Warrant’


BBC reporter travels to Turkey, formerly part of the Ottoman Empire, to get facts and opinions from Turkish natives and experts that reflect how they feel about the Armenian Genocide that occurred in 1915. Doctor Yusuf Halacoglu, the president of the Turkish Historical Society, believes that the event cannot be … Continue reading

Armenian Genocide
The Horrors That Women Experienced during the Armenian Genocide

The Horrors of the Armenian Genocide

Maria, 104 years old at the time of this interview, describes the inhumane treatment that Armenians like herself were subject to during the oft-forgotten genocide against Armenians in Turkey in the early 20th century. The Turkish government still officially denies the existence of the genocide.