2010 Copiapó Mining Accident
Chilean Miner Gives Interview After Being Rescued


A miner, who was trapped underground for two months in the Sane José Copper-Gold Mine in Copiapó, Chile in 2010, gives his first interview after being rescued. Nicknamed “Super Mario” after coming out of the mine very energized and presenting gifts of rocks to his rescuers, Mario Sepulveda talks about … Continue reading

2010 Copiapó Mining Accident
Relatives Await Outcome of Chilean Miners


During the 2010 Copiapó mining accident, relatives speak on hearing the shocking news of the cave-in on August 5, 2010 at the San Jose copper and gold mine in Chile: “I felt rage and pain and frustration. I thought, ‘How can they be trapped like that?’ They are not animals. … Continue reading

2010 Copiapó Mining Accident
The Heroes of the Mining Incident

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Jeff Hart, Matt Staffel, Doug Reeves and Jorge Herrera are all drillers that helped to rescue the 33 miners trapped underground during 2010′s Copiapó mining incident that took place in Chile. Here, a reporter interviews the four men on various aspects of their rescue mission. They discuss the type of … Continue reading

2010 Copiapó Mining Accident
Footage of the First Miner Rescued After the Copiapó Mining Accident


This video shows footage of the first of 33 miners being rescued after being trapped underground for over two months after a cave-in occurred in the San Jose Copper-Gold Mine in Copiapó, Chile. Many safety precautions were necessary for the rescue of the miners because quickly changing environmental factors could … Continue reading

2010 Copiapó Mining Accident
The Last Miner Rescued in Chile


Luis Urzua, the last miner rescued after the 2010 Copiapó Mining incident in Chile, is shown speaking with Chilean President Sebastián Piñera. Piñera welcomes Urzua back and gives a celebratory speech as all 33 miners were safely rescued. The president wraps-up the speech by leading the group of onlookers in … Continue reading