World War II
Neville Chamberlain on Signing the Munich Agreement

Munich Agreement

On September 30, 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain arrived in Great Britain with a signed copy of The Munich Agreement. Dated September 29, The Munich Agreement allowed Germany to annex parts of Czechoslovakia that were predominately inhabited by German speakers, designating this territory “Sudetenland”. Czechoslovakia was not present at … Continue reading

Lewis and Clark Expedition
Meriwether Lewis Records the Wildlife on His Expedition


August 5th 1804 Killed a serpent on the bank of the river adjoining a large prarie. Length from nose to tail–5’2″ Circumpherence in largest part–41/2 Number of scuta on belly–221 Do. on Tale–53 No pison teeth therefore think him perfectly inocent–eyes, center black with a border of pale brown yellow … Continue reading