Brown V. Board of Education
Life After Brown v. Board of Education

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Oliver L. Brown’s daughter, Linda, discusses her memories of life in Topeka, Kansas before and after the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision on May 17, 1958. Cheryl Brown Henderson, Linda’s sister, also comments on the history of civil rights and discusses the future of racial equality.

Brown V. Board of Education
Remembering the Impact of Brown v. Board


Several legal scholars, including the dean of Howard Law School and a retired Supreme Court justice, remember the Brown v. Board of Education decision. They discuss where they were when it was announced, how people reacted to the ruling, and the impact that the case had on igniting “the modern … Continue reading

Freedom Riders
Freedom Rider: ‘That’s the Way I Was Going to Die’

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Fifty years after the Aniston, Alabama attack on a bus that protesting Freedom Riders were on, the survivors give their personal accounts. They explain such emotional things as the sights of the tragedy, as well as trying to figure out the least painful way to die. The young Freedom Riders … Continue reading

Freedom Riders
The Freedom Riders 50 Years Later

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Freedom Riders fifty years after the nonviolent movement tell their personal and powerful stories about the suffering they endured while peacefully protesting the fact that desegregation laws were not being enforced in the southern states. The stories show the courage that the Freedom Riders upheld and their determination to not … Continue reading

Children's Crusade
Janice Kelsey: ‘We Were Going to Go and Get Our Freedom’

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A foot soldier in the Children’s Crusade movement for African American Civil Rights explains how she first got interested in becoming part of the movement as well as how she learned about the importance of keeping the demonstrations nonviolent with singing and prayer.

Children's Crusade
‘God Don’t Even Want Us’

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People who participated in the Children’s Crusade of 1963 give their firsthand accounts of what it was like on that day when they tried to lead a nonviolent march for the American civil rights movement’s Birmingham Campaign. They discuss their instructions to keep the demonstration nonviolent despite the police dogs, … Continue reading