Robert Mugabe
How Power Changed Robert Mugabe


Robert Mugabe was elected Zimbabwe’s first black Prime Minister on March 4, 1980, following his role as a rebel leader against white minority rule. Mugabe is the leader of Zimbabwe’s African National Union – Patriotic Front, or ZANU-PF. Shortly after coming to power, Mugabe established a one-party state. Mugabe also … Continue reading

National Public Radio
Ira Glass On The Appeal Of This American Life


Ira Glass is the host of This American Life, a weekly hour-long radio show broadcast on public radio stations both in the United States and internationally. This American Life is also available as a weekly podcast. This American Life’s first episode aired on November 17, 1995. In this video, Ira … Continue reading

Corazon Aquino Decides To Run For President


Corazon Aquino became the 11th President of the Philippines, and the first female President in Asia, on February 25, 1986. Aquino came to power following the 20-year authoritarian rule of President Ferdinand Marcos, helping to restore democracy to the Philippines. Aquino’s rise to presidency began with tragedy. Aquino’s husband, Senator … Continue reading

Richard Nixon
Samuel Byck On His Attempted Assassination of Nixon

Samuel Byck On His Attempted Assassination of Nixon

On February 22, 1974, Samuel Byck attempted to hijack a plane flying out of Baltimore/Washington International Airport in the hopes of crashing it into the White House and killing U.S. President Richard Nixon. Byck first got attention from the Secret Service in 1972, when he threatened Nixon for the first … Continue reading

Betty Friedan
Betty Friedan On The Masculine Mystique

Betty Friedan On The Masculine Mystique

Betty Friedan was an American writer and activist, best known for initiating the second wave of American feminism in the 20th century with the release of her book The Feminine Mystique in 1963. In 1966, Friedan founded and was elected to be the first president of the National Organization for … Continue reading