Groucho Marx
Groucho Marx on MGM’s Irving Thalberg & Greta Garbo

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Groucho Marx remembers how he got back at Irving Thalberg, the head of production at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, for making him wait hours before their first meeting and describes a hilarious interaction with Greta Garbo, an MGM star, in an elevator. MGM was founded on April 17, 1925 when Marcus Loew purchased … Continue reading

Elia Kazan
[Text] Director Elia Kazan on Wanting to Cast Paul Newman in ‘On the Waterfront’


To Budd Schulberg I’m not insane about Brando for this. In fact, in my opinion he is quite wrong. But he’s a fine actor and if he’s really excited about it and will work like a beginner trying to get a start, he can be fine. He’s got to be hungry … Continue reading

Elia Kazan
[Text] Director Elia Kazan on Casting an Unknown James Dean in ‘East of Eden’


March 1954 To John Steinbeck I looked thru a lot of kids before settling on this Jimmy Dean. He hasn’t Brando’s stature, but he’s a good deal younger and is very interesting, has balls and eccentricity and a “real problem” somewhere in his guts, I don’t know what or where. He’s … Continue reading