Cold War
Alger Hiss Testifies Before HUAC

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Alger Hiss was an American lawyer who was accused of being a member of the Communist Party by the House Un-American Activities Committee(HUAC). On August 3, 1948, a man named Whittaker Chambers testified before the committee that he and Hiss had both been secret communists for years. Despite questions over … Continue reading

World War II
Soldier Remembers the USS Mount Hood Explosion


Paul Hackett was a Storekeeper 2nd class on the USS Mindanao when the ammunition ship USS Mount Hood exploded on November 10, 1944. All crew members aboard the USS Mount Hood that day were killed in the explosion. The Mindanao was only 350 yards away from Mount Hood at the … Continue reading

Ansel Adams
Ansel Adams’ Son On Shooting Moonrise Over Hernandez


Ansel Adams was an American photographer and environmentalist who took many well-known landscape photographs of the American West. One of his most famous shots was entitled Moonrise Over Hernandez. In this video, Ansel Adams’s son, Michael Adams, recalls being with his father when he took the famous photograph: “I was … Continue reading

Japanese American Internment Camps
Interment Camps WW2: An American Recalls Her Experience


Ruth Voorhies, born and raised in San Diego, California, describes her experience during World War II as her family was placed in a Japanese Internment Camp in Arizona. Over 110,000 people of Japanese heritage were imprisoned in internment camps on grounds of Executive Order 9066, signed by U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, … Continue reading

World War II
British POWs Recall Building the Burma Railway


During World War II, British Prisoners of War were used by the Japanese to build a railway linking Bangkok, Thailand to Rangoon, Burma. Over 12,000 POWs were killed building the railway. In this video, British POWs recall building the railway. Remembering the harsh working conditions, one POW says: “If you … Continue reading

The Holocaust
Holocaust Survivors Recall the Sobibor Uprising


On October 14, 1943, approximately 600 prisoners attempted to escape from the Sobibor extermination camp on the outskirts of Sobibor, Poland. Of the 600 who revolted, around half were able to escape and fifty of those were able to avoid being recaptured. In this video, survivors of the Sobibor camp … Continue reading