Iran-Contra Affair
[Text] Richard Nixon Writes Ronald Reagan on Iran-Contra Affair

tumblr_mr5xf9GOQq1qhk04bo1_1280Richard Nixon
August 13, 1987

26 Federal Plaza
New York City

Dear Ron,
The speech last night was one of your best. What was even more important than what you said was that you sounded and looked strong. You gave the lie to the crap about your being over-the-hill, discouraged, etc.

If I could be permitted one word of advice: Don’t ever comment on the Iran-Contra matter again. Have instructions issued to all White House staffers and Administration spokesmen that they must never answer any question on or off the record about the issue in the future. They should reply to all inquiries by stating firmly and categorically that the President has addressed the subject and that they have nothing to add.

The committee labored for nine months and produced a stillborn midget. Let it rest in peace!


The Honorable
Ronald Reagan



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Submitted by: Sarah Dejak
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