The March on Washington
Martin Luther King the Day After the March on Washington

Martin Luther King Jr. shares his reaction the day after his famous “I Have a Dream” speech and comments on the success of the March on Washington. The famous speech occurred on August 28, 1963 and has become an iconic civil rights message.

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Submitted by: Ben Nussbaum
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  1. i think that the murder of dr mLk was race movtivated,not only him but robert kenedy as well and president kendey. the head of the fbi was involved because the the people who hated dr king or was affraid of him felt that the black people were going to take over the world. Why else would all three of these great people be killed so close together. the killing of lee harvey oswald was an cleaver attempt to cover up the truth about the tradgedy.this tradgedy became most important because if the real truth would got out this great nation of ours would have colasped and many people would have died maybe a race riot nevr imagended before. So is it better for this nation to go on living a lie about the events that realy happend that tragic era ? what if the truth and nothing but the truth came out at the time of these tragic events,how would this nation be? i think this nation would be the great nation that dr king dreamed of and there would be no race issues today.

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