Walter Cronkite
Lessons Learned from Woodstock

Walter Cronkite, Richard O’Brien and John Laurence of the CBS News team cover the first ever Woodstock Music Festival as it finishes up on Monday August 18, 1969 on a dairy farm in White Lake, New York. O’Brien gives a live newscast directly from the scene of the festival as he talks about the large 300,000 person crowd, the rainstorm that turned the field into a mud farm, the casualties from a heroine overdose and a tractor, and the angry local business owners. The massive clean up job that was left over after the festival was also evident within the video. Lawrence, a CBS News correspondent, also chimes in on the lesson learned at Woodstock. He explains that the massive food shortages, extreme heat, intense rainfall and 20-mile long traffic jams proved that in any emergency, people of all kinds come together and help out. Lawrence talked about the police, nuns and local housewives that helped distribute food and take care of the young concert-goers.

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Submitted by: Sarah Dejak
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