[Blog] Film a Witnify Video in 7 Steps

Want to add your Story to Witnify? Keep reading to learn how to film your own Witnify video in 7 easy steps!

1. First, figure out how you will record your story! It’s really hard to beat the convenience and ease-of-use that a webcam provides, but a higher quality alternative would be a digital video camera with a USB output. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment, like batteries and a tripod, if you choose to record with an external camera.

2. Next is your audio. You can use the built-in mic that your camera or webcam has, but a much higher quality option would be to use a more professional microphone, something like a lapel mic or a shotgun mic. Keep the mic close, and be in an environment with as little ambient sound as possible. If you hear anything, like a ceiling fan, traffic outside the window, or even the hum of a refrigerator it can become a big problem later when you watch your video. Record a trial-run and make sure that everything is to your liking.

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3. Before you start filming, you have to check your lighting! Make sure that there is more light on you than the background. Too much back lighting will make you appear in silhouette. Try facing towards a window to use the natural light coming in, or use a desk lamp and dim the room lights a bit. If the lamp is too harsh, try turning the lamp and bouncing the light off the wall.

4. The little details are next, like the background and your clothing. The background should be simple and neutral, but this doesn’t mean filming in front of a bare wall. Choose an attractive background that doesn’t take the viewers focus away from you. For your clothing, wear what you feel comfortable in, but use neutral colors and stay away from pure white or crazy patterns.

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 9.55.43 AM

5. To finalize your set up, double check what you will look like on camera. Sit up straight and resist the urge to slouch back or lean to the sides. Please note that it may be a good idea to check for any shine on your face and get your hair in place.

6. Now you’re ready to Witnify your story! Just relax and share your story as if you were telling the tale to a close friend. The goal is to capture and preserve the stories of human beings who experienced a significant historical event firsthand. It is important that any emotion–whether happy or sad–come forth during your recollection.

7. Once you’ve recorded your Story, simply upload the file to a video hosting service like Youtube or Vimeo! Now you can post your Story on Witnify, and you can even upload the video directly to our site!

We thank you for your participation in our preservation of history. So relax, take a deep breath… and don’t forget to hit the record button!

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