Joe DiMaggio
Dimaggio Was a Hero to Many

Sports writers and baseball players such as Willie Mays, Tommy Lasorda and Yogi Berra talk about their relationships with Joe Dimaggio. Willie Mays talks about how Dimaggio was his icon as he was growing up playing baseball because he was talented in all parts of the game. Tommy Lasorda calls Dimaggio his hero and talks about how he knew everything about him including all of his statistics. Yogi Berra discusses Dimaggio’s playing style on the field and says that he did everything right and always hustled no matter the situation. Dimaggio played for 13 years with the New York Yankees from 1936 to 1949, but he is best known for his 56 game hitting streak, which still to this day, is the longest hitting streak in MLB history; and his marriage to Marilyn Monroe for less than a year in 1954.

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Submitted by: Robbie Faselt
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