Annie Leibovitz
Colleagues On Annie Leibovitz And Her Process

In this video, colleagues such as Anna Wintour, Jim Moffat and Jane Sarkin discuss Leibovitz and her process of composing sets and shoots. Lori Goldstein talks about Leibovitz’s contribution to the merger of editorial and advertising: “We wouldn’t have just one set. Every idea is a production onto itself. We’d have four or five ideas for each person. And there would be four or five – you’d look around and there would be four or five different sets. It really was like doing a movie, and I think those were the days when it started – editorial and advertising started meshing into there was no difference, and I think that Annie is really, you know, part of being responsible for that.” Philippe Garner, international head of photographs at Christie’s, discusses Leibovitz’s incredible use of light, saying: “One of her great skills is the ability to create artificial light situations out of doors. SO you have this disconcerting aspect of realizing that it’s an out of door picture, and yet the light is quite unreal.” Goldstein also remarks on how Leibovitz is the complete package: “Annie knows what looks great. In every aspect. She knows when makeups not right, she knows when the hair is not right, she knows when the clothes aren’t right. Even though sometimes I disagree. But she has a great eye for everything, and that’s what most people don’t have.”

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Submitted by: Ilana Faber
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