Berlin Wall
Fall of the Berlin Wall: ‘I Cried. It’s Quite Simple’

A West Berlin man talks about daily life and the integration of East and West Germans in the immediate aftermath of the fall of the wall.

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Submitted by: Ben Nussbaum
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One Comment

  1. Really moving. I remember being in East Berlin before the Wall came down. People all drove Trebans (sp?) and there were no advertising so the streets looked unusually stark compared to the West. On the day I was there, I saw a line of people waiting for strawberries at a store. The great thing was that you could go to Checkpoint Charlie or one of the other checkpoints and hitchhike. From there, you were guaranteed a ride all the way back to West Germany. I remember the guard giving me a double take with my American passport. Been back a few times since, its now nearly impossible to distinguish between where east and west used to be.

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