John F. Kennedy
[Text] Pete Seeger’s Appeal to JFK on March 3, 1961


“Mr. John F. Kennedy The White House Washington, D.C. Dear Mr. President: I take the liberty of writing you as a fellow classmate of Harvard 1940, and as the man I voted for last November. I am a musician, a singer of folk songs, facing trial for contempt of Congress … Continue reading

Artie Kornfeld
Artie Kornfeld on Co-Producing Woodstock

Woodstock’s co-producer Artie Kornfeld discusses how his relationship with fellow co-producer Michael Lang formed by chance. He takes an honest look behind the music industry of the late 60s and what it took to create Woodstock.

Michael Lang
Michael Lang: The Ideology Behind Woodstock

Michael Lang, co-producer of Woodstock, shares his experiences planning and executing the three unforgettable days of peace, love and music. He explains, “We planned it to be a festival that would welcome everybody.”