Vietnam War
[Text] Vietnam War Soldier’s Letter to His Mother

“My athletic foot is coming along alright but I also got a little ring worm…”

pm0042001pDear Ma,

Well this should be one of a whole passible of letters that you will receive at one time. Because we won’t see a helicopter land until the 10th of this month. So, I’ll mail them all at once, Well I got your two letters and the pictures ok. What do you mean in 6 months it will be over with. More like 4 months from today, and I’ll be home. Don’t put me in the army any longer than what I have to. Well things are going all right. My athletic foot is coming along alright but I also got a little ring worm. pm0042002pIn fact I have had the typical diseases for Vietnam. Last night C company man into a bunker of gooks. Well the gooks left and C Company wounded 3 of them. But they got away. They figure that these were mine. They captured 9 rucksacks and nine rifles and two pistols. So, the gooks did their usual and left their weapon behind.

pm0042003pWell you weren’t the only one who couldn’t think straight, there was so much I wanted to say but didn’t mainly because I couldn’t think or there were restrictions against it. It was 10:30 at night my time when I called. I didn’t believe it at first when I heard your voice. I guess it was because I tried three times before and they could never make contact. Don’t send the Bonus papers yet because I probably couldn’t  handle it from the field. So I just may wait until I get home. But I have to do it by 1st of July, 70. Well I guess I had better be going nothing else is new.



P.S. Please send me a small address book with address and a small one page 69-70 Calendar. My calendar and address book got wet.

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Submitted by: Sarah Dejak
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