Iraq War
Veteran on Assisting the Wounded During Operation Iraqi Freedom

Captain Ed “RIV” Hrivnak of the U.S. Air Force Reserve describes his experience of Operation Iraqi Freedom: “What my crew saw was a very up-close, personal human experience.” Hrivnak and his team took care of wounded soldiers on their plane–culminating in his unit evacuating 7,000 people within five months. U.S. President George W. Bush authorized Operation Iraqi Freedom to rid Iraq of the dictator Saddam Hussein and his alleged weapons of mass destruction on March 19, 2003. After Hrivnak’s time in Iraq, he believes, “War is not this glorious thing.” When he returned from his service, he published a book on what he had seen in Iraq, titled “Wounded: A Legacy of Operation Iraqi Freedom” in order to inform the public on the Iraq War: “It seems like America…has forgotten that there was a war going on.” Hrivnak’s book was published on May 21, 2013.

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Submitted by: Virginia Choi
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