Bosnian War
Heartbreaking Stories from Teenage Survivors of Bosnian War

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Listen to three survivors describe the horrors they endured as teenagers in the Bosnian War, including rape and torture. The war, which erupted in April of 1992, was the result of the dissolution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. By the end of the war in December of 1995, … Continue reading

Anne Frank
The Stepsister of Anne Frank

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Eva Schloss, Auschwitz survivor and stepsister of Anne Frank, reflects on the lively personality that Frank had while growing up. She explains Frank as a vivid storyteller that would sometimes even get in trouble at school for talking too much. Schloss then goes on to compare and contrast her experience … Continue reading

Alcoholics Anonymous
Children of AA Co-Founder on its Creation

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The children of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Co-Founder Bob Smith, Smitty and Sue, talk about the day their father met Dr. Bill Wilson for the purpose of creating a group that could help alcoholics like themselves achieve sobriety. John Cyberling, who was present at the meeting, recounts how Smith and Wilson … Continue reading

Six-Day War
The Miracle That Ended the Six-Day War

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During this account, retired Generals Ben-Eliyahu and Gazit of the Israeli Defense Forces, as well as news corespondents and authors, take us through the fear that the Israeli nation felt during the Six-Day War; “a matter of life and death” for everybody in Israel. The Israelis were extremely outnumbered and … Continue reading