American Civil Rights Movement
WERD AM – The First Black-Owned Radio Station

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WERD AM in Atlanta, Georgia, began operating on October 3, 1949, becoming the first black-owned radio station in the United States. The radio station was in the same building as the headquarters of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, whose leader was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King was a … Continue reading

Richard Nixon
Nixon Announces Resignation In Speech to America

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In the wake of the Watergate scandal, U.S. President Richard Nixon announced his resignation from the presidency on August 9, 1974, in a televised speech to the nation. Following accusations of crimes committed by his administration including bugging the offices of political opponents–Nixon’s impeachment was inevitable. However, his resignation speech, … Continue reading

Brooklyn Dodgers
Red Barber Recalls Jackie Robinson Breaking the Color Barrier


Red Barber, a play-by-play radio commentator for the Brooklyn Dodgers from 1939 to 1953, is asked about Jackie Robinson, who joined the Dodgers in 1947, making him the first African-American to play Major League Baseball (MLB). Barber remembers being told by Branch Rickey, the president of the Brooklyn Dodgers, that … Continue reading