Annie Leibovitz
Annie Leibovitz And Fashion Photography

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Listen to Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, discuss working with Annie Leibovitz: “You have to give her an important dress. You don’t go to annie to do a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. She loves the couture, she loves a ball gown. She needs something that will really … Continue reading

Annie Leibovitz
The Work Ethic Of Annie Leibovitz

The Work Ethic Of Annie Leibovitz

This video features colleagues and subjects speaking to Annie Leibovitz’s work ethic and persona while on a set. Tina Brown, former editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair, says of Leibowitz’s demeanor: “I never found that her difficulty was something that wasn’t always 100% worth it. And very often the difficulty was just … Continue reading

Annie Leibovitz
Annie Leibovitz: A Celebrity Photographing Celebrities

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In this video, colleagues and subjects, including Whoopi Goldberg, Patti Smith, and Arnold Schwarzenegger discuss Leibovitz’s own celebrity status and what it is like to be photographed by her. On Leibovitz’s own celebrity status, and how that translates into her work, Tina Brown, former editor-in-chief of Vanity Fair says: “She … Continue reading

Annie Leibovitz
Colleagues On Annie Leibovitz And Her Process

Colleagues On Annie Leibovitz And Her Process

In this video, colleagues such as Anna Wintour, Jim Moffat and Jane Sarkin discuss Leibovitz and her process of composing sets and shoots. Lori Goldstein talks about Leibovitz’s contribution to the merger of editorial and advertising: “We wouldn’t have just one set. Every idea is a production onto itself. We’d … Continue reading

Annie Leibovitz
Annie Leibovitz On Working With Celebrities


Annie Leibovitz is a world-renowned portrait photographer whose career began working with Rolling Stone Magazine. In this video, Leibovitz answers questions from readers of Time Magazine. When asked if she thinks she is difficult to work with, Leibovitz says: “It took me a long time to learn how to work … Continue reading

Annie Leibovitz
Annie Leibovitz Photographs The Queen


Prior to a state visit to the United States, the British government asked Annie Leibovitz to photograph the Queen. In this video you can see a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes work that goes into a photo shoot. Of working with the Queen, Leibovitz says: “I just liked her feistiness. I … Continue reading

Ansel Adams
Ansel Adams’ Son On Shooting Moonrise Over Hernandez


Ansel Adams was an American photographer and environmentalist who took many well-known landscape photographs of the American West. One of his most famous shots was entitled Moonrise Over Hernandez. In this video, Ansel Adams’s son, Michael Adams, recalls being with his father when he took the famous photograph: “I was … Continue reading

Eva Perón
The Lost Photographs of Evita Resurface


This video reveals the rescued photographs of the late former first lady of Argentina Eva Perón, which were taken by Alfredo Mazzorotlo during the last six years of Perón’s life. Mazzorotlo’s photographs depict Perón at different ceremonies, on various trips, and in private meetings. The photographer’s daughter, Maria Teresa Mazzorotola explains … Continue reading

Agent Orange
The Long-Term Effects of Agent Orange


War photographer Philip Jones Griffiths discusses the pictures he documented and the visions he saw when visiting Vietnamese villages that had been sprayed with Agent Orange, a herbicide that contains high amounts of dioxin. As targets of the United States’ plan for herbicidal warfare during the Vietnam War, these areas … Continue reading

Boston Marathon
[Text] Photojournalist on Capturing Mass Tragedy in a Moment’s Notice

Woman crying after the Boston bombing (2013). Source: Winslow Townson.

Author: Winslow Townson “If I had run aimlessly around the perimeter of the blast sites, I would have wasted my time and a chance to really contribute to the story…” Patriots Day. This Massachusetts holiday celebrates the battles of Lexington and Concord, which were the first battles of the American … Continue reading