Invasion of Normandy
Canadians Take Juno Beach

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World War II veterans from various branches of the Canadian military give their personal accounts of the events that occurred when landing on Juno Beach during D-Day on June 6, 1944. The men reflect on the harsh weather obstacles, their various responsibilities, and their emotional state as they entered the … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
War Efforts of Canadian Men & Women

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Canadian men and women who were part of the liberating war efforts in France during the Normandy Campaign remember the events they encountered. The women were nurses on D-Day and discuss the horrific images they saw as they took care of the wounded soldiers. The men, all part of the … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
Guilt Over Seasickness at Juno Beach

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Decorated veteran Gordon Smith, part of the 1051 Port Company Royal Engineers, recalls arriving at Juno Beach a day after the Normandy Landings. Smith recalls collapsing while trying to keep himself steady in a packed and tottering barge as his unit awaited orders to get to the beachhead. Strangers placed … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
‘You Didn’t Have Time to be Frightened’

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Ian Hammerton, British commander of a flail tank during WWII, recalls landing on Juno Beach during D-Day. Hammerton describes seeing many dead and wounded soldiers already on the beach as he arrived. He also remembers the hectic environment that surrounded him during the Normandy landing.

Invasion of Normandy
Canadian Vets Tear-up While Recalling D-Day

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“There were five that didn’t make it and our tank did. One out of six tanks. There were five wiped out right there. 25 men. Five tanks.” Canadian veterans involved in the invasion of Juno Beach on D-Day discuss what they remember from the mission. The men tear-up as they … Continue reading

Invasion of Normandy
A Juno Beach D-Day Landing

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John “Jack” Springer, a veteran who served in the army during the Normandy Campaign, talks about landing on Juno Beach during D-Day. He discusses how his faith grew during that time, as well as how he prided himself in putting others before himself. In Springer’s words: “I wasn’t scared for … Continue reading