Vietnam War
Voting Against the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

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U.S. Senator Wayne Morse of Oregon explains why history will be on his in his firm stance against the Gulf of Tonkin resolution. Morse and Senator E. Gruening of Alaska were the only two senators to vote against this authorization and the ensuing U.S. military forces in Southeast Asia: “Being … Continue reading

Agent Orange
The Long-Term Effects of Agent Orange


War photographer Philip Jones Griffiths discusses the pictures he documented and the visions he saw when visiting Vietnamese villages that had been sprayed with Agent Orange, a herbicide that contains high amounts of dioxin. As targets of the United States’ plan for herbicidal warfare during the Vietnam War, these areas … Continue reading

Agent Orange
The Weapon That Outlived the War

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Vietnamese doctors and civilians discuss the ongoing impact of Agent Orange on the country 35 years after the end of the Vietnam War. Although the United States used the herbicide Agent Orange to kill the crops of communist insurgents, the chemical mixture has had devastating effects on the people who … Continue reading

Vietnam War
U.S. Lieutenant Colonel Remembers Training Farmers in Vietnam


Lieutenant colonel John E. Mann discusses some of his experiences training local militias with the Special Forces in Vietnam. He describes instructing farmers how to “Fire weapons…throw grenades, and generally protect themselves” from Viet Cong raids. Mann and his unit were part of President Kennedy’s attempt at resolving the conflict … Continue reading

Joan Baez
Joan Baez on the Safety of a Bunker in North Vietnam


Famous folk singer Joan Baez goes back to visit the bunker that kept her safe while she was on her peace mission in Vietnam during the war in 1972. Baez had to shelter herself in the bunker located under her hotel as American B-52′s dropped bombs above her when the … Continue reading

Nick Ut
The Controversial Vietnam War Photo

Nick Ut

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Nick Ut describes how he captured the famous picture, “Napalm Girl,” which he took on June 8, 1972 of the naked 9-year-old Vietnamese girl running down the road–burned by napalm during the Vietnam War. Ut, and another British journalists who got the horrific scene on film, traveled … Continue reading

Vietnam War
‘Momma, Momma…’ Vietnam Vet Recalls Recovering the Slain


Veteran Donald “Frenchy” LeFebvre signed up for the Vietnam War because he felt it was his duty.  He had the harrowing job of recovering the dead and injured, who often called out–like anyone would–for their mothers. A lighter job was escorting Bob Hope and Vida Blue to United Service Organizations Inc. … Continue reading