The Beatles
George Martin on the Beatles’ Please, Please Me


George Martin discusses the making of the Beatles “Please Please Me”, the debut album by the Beatles was released on 22 March 1963. Of the album’s fourteen songs, eight were written by Lennon–McCartney (originally credited “McCartney–Lennon”), early evidence of what Rolling Stone later called “[their invention of] the idea of … Continue reading

The Beatles
The Impact Of The Beatles’s “I Want To Hold Your Hand”


“I Want to Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles was recorded in October 1963 and released in the United States on December 26, 1963. The song went on to become the band’s first number one hit in the United States, and was responsible for sparking Beattlemania in the United States. … Continue reading

Buddy Holly
Paul McCartney on John Lennon & Their Love of Buddy Holly

Paul McCartney on John Lennon & Their Shared Love for Buddy Holly

Paul McCartney reminisces on writing songs with his fellow Beatles member, John Lennon. He tells a funny story of a time when Lennon, who was practically blind without his glasses on, mistook a nativity scene for a group of people playing cards for a ridiculous amount of hours outside. McCartney … Continue reading

Eric Clapton
George Harrison Discusses Clapton and Starr


While promoting his new album, George Harrison is interviewed and talks about both his friendship with Eric Clapton and his continuing musical journey with ex bandmate Ringo Starr. Harrison describes how he met Clapton and then transitions into the type of drummer Starr is and why it was important to … Continue reading